Social Investment in Non-profit Organizations

The training program (Social Investment in Non-profit Organizations) which was organized in March 2023, by the Regional Network for Social Responsibility in partnership with the Lebanese Makhzoumi Foundation, targeting civil society organizations in Lebanon, was concluded. The training program was presented by Prof. Ali Al-Ibrahim, Vice President of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility.

1st in-person BEYMUN

The 1st in-person BEYMUN after COVID-19 at AUB, with Marina Markarian, Secretary General of BEYMUN’23, where Makhzoumi Foundation supported the Youth in conducting the conference, and Mrs. May Makhzoumi President of the Foundation inspired the youth at the closure event with her experience and her trust in their future objectivity  within their diplomatic and humanitarian…

For a less polluted environment

Being keen to protect people and environment, Makhzoumi Foundation continues to periodically collect sorted waste in neighborhoods of Beirut and its suburbs, and transfers it to factories for recycling, within its “Let’s Sort” project, which was launched in 2016; schools, residential buildings and institutions benefit from it, and it keeps expanding.