Makhzoumi Foundation focuses on providing highly accessible primary health services based on the Primary Care standards that are implemented by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health in Coordination with Canada Accreditation. We are a model for other healthcare centers with innovations in health care programs and clinical operations. We form collaborative relationships with both public, private, local and international organizations. The services offered to all people include walk-in consultations and consultations by appointment by physicians from all specialties, campaigns and health awareness, children health, diagnostic services including laboratory and radiology, psycho-social services, oral hygiene and dental care, home nursing and medication services.

Our Vision
To be one of the leading primary health care providers in Lebanon and expand to outreach the whole community.

A Valued Partner in the Community
We are a valued partner in the community as both a leader and a participant in addressing community health issues like Diabetes and Mental health and other Primary Health Care Problems.

A primary Healthcare model
We are a model for other centers with our innovations in pilot health care programs and clinical operations. We form collaborative relationships with both public, private, local and international organizations.

Catalysts of Positive Change
We adapt to the emerging changes in health care. At the same time, we persist with our practices when we are sure about their efficiency.

Choose how you want to help to make a difference

  • Walk-in Consultation/Consultation by appointment
  • Health Campaigns and awareness sessions
  • Children Health and routine vaccination
  • Laboratory Services
  • Radiology Services
  • Mental health and Psycho-social Support
  • Dental services
  • Eye Care
  • Non-Communicable Diseases Services
  • Home Nursing
  • Pharmacy Services
  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning
  • Staff Capacity Building and Education

Arrive early: Please allow extra time to register if this is your first visit.
Please bring with you to every appointment:
Identity Card or copy
Your MF Health Card
Insurance card if available
All medications, vitamins, supplements, and any other over-the-counter pills.

When you check in: You will be asked to verify your current address and telephone number. Please let us know if your address or telephone number changes.
Please call us to cancel or reschedule 1 day ahead

We will send you a message on your phone number to confirm or postpone you appointment.


Ahmad Chaaban Orthopedist
Ahmad Chourbaji Dentist
Ahmad Harb Urologist
Akram Amro General Practitioner
Antoine Asmar Dentist
Ayman Hijjawi Orthopedist
Bassam Jouni Dentist
Bassel El Baba
Chadi Saber Physiotherapist
Sara Amhaz Psychologist
Dania Baalbaki Dental Surgeon
Diana Charafeddine Obstetrics/Gynecology
Doureid Oueidat Surgery
Firas Hamza Dermatologist
Ghassan Chehab Pediatric Cardiologist
Pulmonary medicine
Ghina Daoud Dentist
Hala Kaouk Obstetrics/Gynecology
Hasan Hamoud Neurologist
Hiba Houri Barbar Nutrition Specialist
Hiyam Eid Pediatrician
Houssam Abtar General/Vascular surgeon
Iman Sbeity General and Breast Surgeon
Issam Balaa Otorynolaryngologist
Joanna Zein Dentist
Joseph Abi Tayeh Endocrinologist
Julien Koussa General Practitioner
Khalil Kanaan Otorynolaryngologist
Lama Abiad Pediatrician
Maha Kanaan Pediatrician Nephrologist
Maissam Housari Cardiologist
Marwan ghizzawi Gastrologist
Marwan Soubra Obstetrics/Gynecology
Maya Chhabeddine Endocrinologist
Mohammad Hashash Psyciatrist
Mohammad Houri Ophthalmologist
Nadwa Chatila Dentist
Nancy Traboulsi Dentist
Nassim Abi shahine Neuro-Surgeon
Roy Choukri Radiologist
Rafik Fakhoury General Practitioner
Ramzi Shoucair Orthopedist
Rawan Zein Dentist
Ramzi Choucair Orthopedist
Rima El Chami Nutrion specialist
Rima Khincarly Pediatrician
Roger Jamhouri Choueiry Ophthalmologist
Said Najem General Practitioner
Samer Barbar Endocrinologist
Sanaa Shaker Nephrologist
Sara Zantout Nutrion specialist
Zeinab Abdallah Neurologist
Ziad Itani Cardiologist

Accreditation as One of our strategic Priorities: Quality and Safety

We have chosen as a Primary Healthcare Center within the network of the Ministry  of Public Health to be part of the Canada Accreditation system because this contributes to improving our quality, of service delivery, to reducing health risks and strengthening accountability among our partners and stakeholders including our community. In October 2016, we spent a whole day being evaluated and assessed by Canada Accreditation Surveyors. We devoted time, energy and resources to keep up to the required standards. Our journey has become a cycle of improvement  for the benefit of everyone.

Malnutrition is a burden
During the first visit to MF’s PHC, Housam was diagnosed as severely acute malnourished where his MUAC was 9 cm. He was given the treatment for 1 month  and followed up every week to monitor his weight, height and MUAC. During the last visit, the MUAC and weight for height Z-score became normal. His parents are now very satisfied with their child’s health and they mentioned that his movement is even better than before.

A Child healthy and secured
Our little friend Hamza who turned 6 years last month, fled the biggest Syrian humanitarian crisis in 2012. He is lastly safe in Sydney, Australia. Hamza was followed up for 2 whole years by Makhzoumi Foundation staff who all teamed up to keep him safe, secure and healthy. The generous support from our donors has also helped too much in protecting his life.

Preventing Heart Attacks
During her first visit, Iftikar’s cardiovascular risk was high since she was obese and not engaged in any physical activity. After following up on her, the results revealed that she suffers from dyslipidemia. Iftikar was referred to general practitioner and a dietitian to avoid other serious diseases. After 3 months of follow-up, Iftikar is now engaged in a healthy life style where her lab tests and Body Mass Index returned to normal levels.

Serving the abused
After two years of abuse, when Fatima risked dying as her husband tried to strangle her, she came for us asking for help. Even then, she was begging not to send her back home. Her body was full of bruises, discolorations and marks. She was damaged inside out and asking for help hoping that we support her. And she got it…

The Universal Health Coverage: 300 families and more to come
A great Ministry of Public Health and World Bank initiative about people having access to the preventative health they need without suffering financial hardship.

The Health and Nutrition Community-based Project targeting vulnerable communities in Beirut in partnership with UNICEF
Makhzoumi Foundation within this project implemented the following objectives in 2016:

► Increased the accessibility to basic nutrition services

► Fostered the behavior change and supported optimal health, nutrition and hygiene practices

► Mobilized community demand for health, mainly immunization and nutrition

The Health Card
Makhzoumi Health Care Program offers a Loyalty Health Card that helps patients and their families with primary health care costs. The card entitles its holder to receive reductions in the cost of health services and facilitates access to all medical services, that is, the health card provides a specific discount for general examinations and specialized examinations. Patients also receive a discount on laboratory tests and imaging service.

Makhzoumi Foundation has a Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) that is operated for health outreach. The Mobile team visits the vulnerable communities and individuals who are in need for primary healthcare services. During every visit, the MMU team provides mainly medical consultations. Then patients who are in need for other medical services are referred to Makhzoumi Foundation Primary Healthcare Center for laboratory, radiology, medications and follow up. The MMU is well organized and equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and is well placed to accommodate patients with special needs.

What does the MMU offer?

– Management of acute and chronic diseases.
– Blood drawing services for laboratory tests.
– Dental examinations.
– Health and Nutrition awareness.


Locations and Working Hours
To know about the schedule of Makhzoumi Foundation MMU please

call us on 01660890 extension 110 or 118
Or download our mobile app on the following links: