Partnership is the Key

Within the framework of the theoretical and scientific training courses organized by #Makhzoumifoundation in Bekaa, in cooperation with ANERA, within the project “Education, Empowerment and Employment of Youth in Lebanon”, 20 young men and women are trainedon professional cooking in its various and multiple methods to become able and ready to enter the labor market.

An Exciting Journey for Children

With dynamic lessons, visual aids, and storytelling, learning the Arabic alphabet became an exciting journey for street and working children, where #MakhzoumiFoundation psycho-social support team empowers them through literacy, fostering academic skills, and a sense of belonging. Celebrating achievements and overcoming challenges, the alphabet turns into symbols of hope. 

Equipped Frontline Team

#MakhzoumiFoundation equipped frontline healthcare workers with vital skills and knowledge by hosting a comprehensive training session on the Clinical Management of Rape (CMR) facilitated by PUI and aimed at enhancing their ability to provide compassionate care and support to survivors. #proudlyempowering.

For Healthy Fasting

As part of the #MakhzoumiFoundation dedicated Ramadan Health Campaigns, the primary healthcare center offered beneficiaries the opportunity to take charge of their well-being with complimentary HbA1c lab tests. The aim is to monitor HbA1c levels for managing diabetes and ensure optimal health during the fasting period. #RamadanHealth

Holy Ramadan Activities

The #Makhzoumi Foundation and Ahl Al-Kheir Association held, at Dar Al-Fatwa, an iftar for a large number of children in the #Month_of_the_Holy Ramadan and delighted their hearts with Al-kheir tables and Ramadan songs#. Ramadan_Kareem The # Makhzoumi Foundation team, in collaboration with Ahl Al Khair Association and Zakat Fund, prepared Iftar meals with great care,…

Psycho-Social Support

#MakhzoumiFoundation engages its community in non-structured psycho-social support (PSS) #sessions focused on handcrafts for #Ramadan, where children develop creative skills to deepen their appreciation for moral . These sessions give valuable skills, where children express themselves through crafts, such as crafting lanterns that symbolize faith’s guiding light and Iftar baskets of symbolic importance. Through activities,…

For those who once cared for us

Within the framework of the Elderly Care Program funded by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the #Makhzoumi Foundation and Irshad & Islah Association teams accompanied a group of elderly people to the Al-Khair Cooperative Market in Aisha Bakkar area, where they toured the market and chose what they needed from basic food…