Our Heroes Our Champions
August 2018

Makhzoumi Foundation has a VISION to provide Ulti- mate living conditions for every person in Lebanon. We have set it clear to help ourselves in pursuing the will of empowering the community and achieving all the set goals; it is an idea of the future…. more >>

July 2018

Stories of empowerment drive the community to new beginnings. From the taxi driver to the hairdresser and the nurse they all started and moved on through support and motivation. more >>

Empowering is a tool for Development
May – June 2018

Ramadan Village is a project hosted by Makhzoumi Founda- tion and Beirutiyat. It provides daily meals to families in need throughout the holy month of Ramadan…. more >>

March/April 2018

Makhzoumi Foundation launched an environmental initia- tive entitled Let’s Sort…Let’s Start the First Step Together in collaboration with CEDAR-Environmental in 2016, aiming at stimulating the community to begin sorting solid wastes. more >>

In 20 years, here’s what we achieved
February 2018

The challenges I have encountered throughout my life have played an integral role in determining my perspec ve and shaping my patrio sm. I con nuously strive to build upon my deep-rooted na onalism, especially through the work of the Makhzoumi Founda on, and believe all Lebanese people desire to love their country as one… more >>

20 years, 3 MILLION SERVICES, 650,000 success stories
January 2018

In 1997, the Makhzoumi Founda on was established by Dr. Fouad Makhzoumi, with a vision so much larger than a dream. He surrounded himself with a dedicated team of individuals that is passionate and commi ed to realizing everything that the Founda on has accomplished since its humble beginnings. more >>

Here’s what we are all looking forward in 2018
December 2017

Here we are at the start of a new year with all the possibili es that it brings. First, let us say that we hope your past year had a good impact on your life me and that at least it added an empowering story to your existence. more >>

HOW ARE WE DOING? YOUR feedback Matters!
November 2017

Dear Supporters As the New Year arrives, we are all busy making plans and we would like to have your thoughts on Makhzoumi Foundation newsletter, HIGHLIGHTS. On the road toward empowerment, we are trying our best to improve “the game”. From now until January 31, we will be conducting a brief user survey, which you can find linked prominently on our website homepage and social media platforms.  more >>

September 2017

You don’t need a reason to help children! “My childhood is same as thousands of kids who fled the war”, says 8 years old Ahmad to Makhzoumi Foundation humanitarian workers, while drawing the imaginary ticks of the clock of his lifetime. more >>

You don’t need a reason to help children!
August 2017

“My childhood is same as thousands of kids who fled the war”, says 8 years old Ahmad to Makhzoumi Foundation humanitarian workers, while drawing the imaginary ticks of the clock of his lifetime. He wanders the streets of Beirut with other children and sleeps in the open air. “We look after one another – but today YOU are looking after us”. more >>

It’s always about the Goals we set…
July 2017

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are a universal call to action “to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity”. more >>

Proudly Empowering
June 2017

It’s July 2017 already. The holy month of Ramadan has ended; Hoping it comes back next year with more Peace, Love and Enlightenment; Being able to make countless opportunities within the hand of our community members is a blessing by itself. more >>

April 2017

Happy spring from all of us here at Makhzoumi Foundation! The start of 2017 has been fast for us. We are already in the midyear. Community activities aimed toward empowerment of individuals and families are countless more >>

March 2017

Our End of year and Impact Reports for 2016 are important in helping us get our mes-sage that empowering communities is not simply a one-time investment. Instead, it is a long term belief that everyone from everywhere dares with us to be a valuable member in society. more >>

February 2017

Education is today reshaped through advanced teaching methods, advancements in technology and programs designed to make it available to as many persons as possible. more >>

January 2017

After two years of abuse, when Fatima risked dying as her husband tried to strangle her, she came for us asking for help. Even then, she was begging not to send her back home. Her body was full of bruises, discolorations and marks. She was dam-aged inside out and asking for help hoping that we support her. more >>

A Year in Review
December 2016

Life is mostly about the journey and not the destination. Our journey opts for our destination at Makhzoumi Foundation, and what we choose is what we get. The lessons that we learned this year throughout our service provision are plentiful; they are derived from our choice to serve. Some are painful, but many are pleasurable along the path of support and empowerment that we are following. Thanks to our Founder, President and General Manager, We are closing another successful year with great achievements in all of our operations. more >>

The Journey of Hamza
November 2016

As you are reading the November 2016 issue, our little friend Hamza who turned 6 years last month, and who fled the biggest Syrian humanitarian cri-sis in 2012, is lastly safe in Sydney, Australia. more >>

Our Actions speak louder than Words
October 2016

October is harvesting month. At Makhzoumi Foundation we are harvesting the results of all the success and the hard work that we have been through for 18 years. more >>

They should be given a Chance
September 2016

Lebanon, the 10,452Km2 country, bordered by Syria, with its 4 mil-lion residents striving to cope with their own after war trauma, has in the past 5 years received more than 1.5 million Syrian refugees. This means that 2 in every 5 people in Lebanon is Syrian. more >>

Inspiring the Ultimate Purpose of Business
August 2016

The Global Business & Interfaith Peace Awards recognize business leaders who have demonstrated leadership in championing interfaith understanding and peace. The Awards are a partnership initiative of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation (RFBF), its Brazilian affiliate, the Associação pela Liberdade Religiosa e Negócios (ALRN), and the United Nations Global Compact Business for Peace (B4P) platform. more >>