Makhzoumi Foundation launched an environmental initiative entitled “Let’s Sort…Let’s Start the First Step Together”, in collaboration with CEDAR-Environmental, on March 11, 2016, aiming at stimulating the neighborhoods of its centers to begin sorting solid wastes (the non-organic).
Makhzoumi Foundation has paved the way for this initiative through a series of gatherings held with residents and stakeholders whereby the most recent was a seminar for Mazraa residents with the environmental expert, Mr. Ziad Abi Chaker, who will collaborate with the Foundation in this context, recycling of the wastes.
The Foundation placed special sorting containers in front of its centers, to transfer the collected waste to be treated by recycling or reusing.
Flyers regarding the campaign were distributed as well to residents of the neighborhood. It is worth mentioning that Makhzoumi Foundation, since its establishment, has been spreading environmental awareness, especially among children in schools, focusing on solid waste.

In 2017, UNHCR funded YALLA NEFROZ and Makhzoumi Foundation is implementing it in partnership with Beirut Municipality.

Household items such as plastic, cardboard, glass, aluminum and others will be brought to an identified location from where they are collected by Makhzoumi Foundation teams for recycling.


The drop points will be our centers in Tarik il Jdideh, Aicha Bakkar, Karem il Zaytoun, Mazraa and Mousaytbeh.

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