Micro: Bit Coding Project

In the second phase of the “Beirut Codes” project, #MakhzoumiFoundation onboarded 150 students from 5 public and private schools in Beirut to learn Micro :Bit Coding; after 2 sessions the students will be developing their own project to find global solutions through coding. This phase was preceded by a TOT for Computer Science University students, in which…

Lebanese Championship in Tripoli

MakhzoumiFoundation, in partnership with ITLS-LB , launched the @MOS Championship Lebanon  in North Lebanon from the Chamber of Commerce Industry in Tripoli, in the presence of IT syndicate in Lebanon Mr. Georges Khouairy, school principals, parents, and students. The launching will open the door in front of the youth participation from Tripoli and the north to ensure equal…

Elderly People Motivation

Within the framework of the elderly care program organized by Makhzoumi Foundation with Irshad & Islah Association, funded by UNHCR Lebanon, a session was held on conflict and communication tools for a group of elderly people to help them deal with the daily problems they face, participating, in teams, in an entertaining session to motivate…

Kids and Gender Equality

Check out the amazing sessions hosted by the psychosocial support team at #MakhzoumiFoundation, empowering vulnerable women to stand tall on their own feet. We celebrated #IWD2024 by recognizing women’s achievements and championing Women’s Rights and Gender Equality through interactive sessions challenging stereotypes and fostering gender equality in kids.

Holy Ramadan

Makhzoumi Foundation continues awareness sessions during the holy month of #Ramadan with a special theme, whereby people suffering from chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, benefited from private consultations with the pharmacist to obtain advice on the appropriate times to take their medications during the fasting period.

Natural Soaps

The Environment and Development Program at Makhzoumi Foundation continued to implement workshops on molding solid soap using natural ingredients like olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil, alongside creating unique scents and colors. The program will be launching more advanced workshops in this field.

International-Local Partnership

The recent visit to the Makhzoumi Foundation’s Aramoun vocational training center by GIZ is proof of the commitment to empower Lebanon’s youth with essential skills for sustainable livelihoods and community development. Makhzoumi Foundation warmly welcomed Thomas Mueller, Country Director, Carlos Mohr, Head of Project at Employment Promotion Lebanon, and Umar Yassine, Grant Manager. The #IEVC project implemented…

Be Creative…You Win

The participants spent hours of entertainment and fun in the Shambhala Bracelets workshop, organized by the Environment and Development Program at Makhzoumi Foundation and implemented at the Foundation’s main center in Mazraa. The participants produced several Shambala bracelets with various braids inlaid with beads, increasing their confidence in the skills they acquired for this craft.

Candles Play Integral Roles

Candle-making informal classes are educational sessions where individuals learn the skills and techniques involved in creating candles. These classes are typically conducted in a casual and relaxed environment, allowing participants to explore various candle-making methods, experiment with different materials and designs, and receive hands-on guidance from instructors. The goal of these classes is to provide…

Microsoft Lebanese Championship

A memorandum of understanding was signed between Notre Dame University, Makhzoumi Foundation, and ITLS to enhance educational cooperation, including training programs for secondary and university students in the fields of technology and Microsoft skills, in addition to hosting the finals of the Lebanese Championship in April, in the presence of the President of Makhzoumi Foundation,…

Supporting Street Children

Makhzoumi Foundation teams are spreading love and appreciation to street children, especially girls, with handmade gifts, prizes, and flowers! to honor their strength and resilience in the face of challenges, reminding them they’re valued and respected. Together, we’re empowering them and celebrating their unique contributions to our community.

Promoting Eco-Tourism

Mrs. May Makhzoumi, President of Makhzoumi Foundation, joined a seminar at the Embassy of India in Beirut, themed #eco_tourism, in presence of representatives from ATTAL, Tourism Ministries of Lebanon and India, as well as Tourism Departments of Sikkim and Meghalaya. The seminar ended with a warm invitation to Lebanese travelers to discover India’s beauty.

An Opportunity for University Students

Within the framework of permanent development of the Academic Education and Training Program, at Makhzoumi Foundation, for students from various universities, we paid acquaintance visit to Beirut Arab UniversityـــPharmacy Faculty, in presence of the Dean of the Faculty and a group of professors, aiming for cooperation in order to give the students practical experience at…

Gifts by Your hand

Making accessories gives us a special pleasure, specially making of necklaces, bracelets and others…; focusing on choosing colors and filling beads is like an entertainment session, as if moving beads between the fingers. The participants, during the jewelry workshop at Makhzoumi Foundation, have learned the secrets of this craft that they can produce pieces and…

Green Demonstration Room Project

The Manager of the Environment and Development Program at Makhzoumi Foundation gave a presentation about its Green Demonstration Room Project at the online plenary session of the “Regional Meeting of the Water and Environment Support”. It is an Environmental Education initiative for students implemented in partnership with the Center of Research and Development and the…